Fuck !

J'ignore l'origine du texte suivant... je sais juste qu'il trainaît sur les murs d'une des salles d'anglais de l'ENIB
Ceux qui se demandent dans la salle de quel prof j'ai déniché celà vont être déçu car j'ai décidé de préserver l'anonymité de la personne concernée, même s'il semble aimer beaucoup les cravates Tex-Avery.

Fuck : our most versatile word. By its stress and inflection it can describe many emotions. It can be used :
Many everyday expressions show it's true versatility:

Denial : I didn't fucking do it !
Perplexity : I know fuck all about it
Apathy : Who gives a fuck ?
Greetings : How the fuck are you ?
Resignation : Oh fuck it !
Derision : He fucks up everything !
Suspision : Who the fuck are you ?
Panic : Let's get the fuck out of here !
Directions : Fuck off !
Disbelief : How the fuck did you do that ?

The word has been used throughout history by many famous people. Some of the more notable quotations are:

The mayor of Hiroshima What the fuck was that ?
Captain of the Titanic Where's the fucking water coming from ?
John Lennon That's not a real fucking gun
Duke Nukem Heads are going to fucking roll
Einstein Any fucker can understand that
Picasso It fucking looks like her
Christopher Colombus Where the fuck are we ?
Michaelangelo What do you want on your fucking ceiling ?
Walt Disney Fuck a Duck
Joan of Arc I don't suppose it's fucking raining
Sherlock Holmes I haven't got a fucking clue